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Incapacity Benefits

Incapacity Benefit Incapacity benefit consists of three separate benefits: Short Term Incapacity Long Term Incapacity Incapacity Pension These benefits may be payable when a person is incapable of working full time due to illness or injury. Medical evidence is required to support each claim and certain contribution conditions must be satisfied for benefit to be […]

Insolvency Benefit

What is Insolvency Benefit? Insolvency Benefit was introduced on 1st December 2012. Its purpose is to provide employees with financial help if their employment ends because their employer has become insolvent. The employer must have become insolvent after 1st December 2012 for the rules to apply. Full details are available on ‘Government‘ website. The way […]

Survivor’s Benefit

Survivor’s Benefits There are two benefits that may be paid by Customer and Local Services when a person’s spouse or civil partner dies. These are Survivor’s Allowance and Survivor’s pension. The amount of Survivor’s Benefit you receive is based on the contribution record of your spouse or civil partner. For detailed information about these benefits […]

Long Term Care Benefit

What is Long Term Care Benefit? A Long-Term Care fund (LTC) was set up in July 2014 to provide benefit payments for adults who have long-term high-level care needs. The scheme was funded at first by the Government but since 1st January 2015, in addition to annual Government funding, money is raised to pay for […]

Child Personal Care Benefit

About the Child Personal Care benefit​​ If you have a child or children with a serious or high level of long-term illness or disability but you don’t receive Income Support, you can apply for the Child Personal Care benefit. It does not matter how much your household income is. Full information about this government benefit […]

Benefits in Kind

What is a benefit in kind?​​​ Benefits in kind are anything you (or a member of your household) receive, which is not money, from your employer. They are also sometimes known as employee or employment benefits. Benefits in kind are normally provided either free or below the normal cost (e.g. free accommodation or discounted shares). […]

Social Security Appeal System

Assistance with appeals There are various appeal procedures in place to enable you to have decisions of Customer and Local Services adjudicated by independent tribunals.  The procedures differ according to the benefit in question. Basic procedure Client receives decision on benefit/pension, and finds it unsatisfactory, or Customer and Local Services wants to have decision reviewed: […]

Income Support

What is income support? Income Support is an income-related benefit that provides financial support towards the cost of housing, living, medical needs and childcare. Carers also receive support. A Guide to Income Support can be viewed here.  Please note the income disregards are 26% rather the 25% stated. Income Support is available to individuals and […]

Contributions Credits and people who need not pay Contributions

Contribution Credits When made unemployed through redundancy from full time employment, applications for Social Security Contribution Credits must be made to the Work Zone at Customer and Local Services within four weeks. The unemployed person must then register each week. The credits will be made for up to twenty six weeks, provided that proof that […]

Reciprocal Social Security Agreements

Reciprocal Social Security Agreements Reciprocal Social Security Agreements aim to reduce the gaps in benefit provision for people moving between countries.  They allow for benefits earned by and granted to a person in one country to be paid out to the person in another reciprocating country that the person has moved to. eg. John has […]

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