Alcohol dependency

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Alcoholics Anonymous Jersey

Alcoholics Anonymous Jersey represents the thriving AA community in Jersey.  They have 23 meetings covering every day of the week in several locations across the island. They have morning, lunchtime and evening meetings.  They run a well attended annual convention on the first weekend in March. Since the first meeting in November 1951, they have helped hundreds of Jersey residents to deal with chronic alcohol problems.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other so that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no fees for membership.

AA is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organisation or institution. Their primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.


Tel: +441534726681

Our Phone is manned by AA Members 7.00am to 10.00pm daily.


Al-Anon is a support group for the relatives and friends of alcoholics. A twelve-step plan is followed and successful completion of the course helps people to be able to manage to live with an alcoholic.

Group meetings are held on Tuesday evenings from 7:30pm to 9:00pm in the St Paul’s Community Centre.

For further information, Tel: +41534870924.

Al-Anon Family Groups UK and Eire
61 Great Dover Street

Tel: +442074030888 (confidential service)


Alateen is a support group for the children of alcoholics aged 12 to 20. A twelve-step plan is followed and successful completion of the course helps teenagers to be able to manage to live with an alcoholic parent.

Group meetings are held on Tuesday evenings at 8 pm in the St Paul’s Community Centre.

For further information, Tel: +441534870924

States Alcohol and Drug Service

The members of the alcohol and drug team do not see addiction as a disease. Instead, the team believes that people drink or take drugs for a variety of reasons.

Who would find the service useful

People who want to make a change in their drug or alcohol use, people who want to use drugs or alcohol more safely, families concerned about someone’s alcohol or drug use.

A free and confidential service

The alcohol and drug team have trained and experienced staff to help and advise people on their alcohol or drug use. It consists of a team of people from nursing and psychology backgrounds. The service is free and confidential. A duty counsellor is always available. Appointments are then made with the professional staff.

Service Provision by the Alcohol and Drug Service

  • Methadone reduction programme
  • Subutex reduction programme
  • Needle exchange
  • Individual counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Motivation interviewing and relapse prevention
  • Information and advice
  • Offenders’ treatment and testing orders
  • Medical health care (Hepatitis B vaccinations, Hepatitis C and HIV tests)
  • Outreach work


  • Individual assessment and case programme
  • Clarifying the nature and extent of problems
  • Identifying the most appropriate treatment and interventions
  • Developing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship and where appropriate involving other agencies and networks with the community

Core principles underpinning the work of the Alcohol and Drug Service

The work carried out by the Alcohol and Drug Service is based upon the following principles

  • A harm reduction based on the premise that some people will continue to use substances despite the risks involved, and an approach that first limits the harm whilst encouraging abstinence is pragmatic and achievable
  • Equity of access to treatment, regardless of social, economic, racial, religious or gender
  • Evidence-based practice and provision of high quality of care in accordance with principles of clinical governance

Support and counselling

People usually link up with a worker and meet on a regular basis. They can provide a safe and confidential setting where people can talk about:

  • ways of coming off alcohol/drugs
  • home detoxification in conjunction with GP
  • plans for the future
  • support for families and friends
  • ensuring access to GP’s, dental, ophthalmic and chiropody services

How to make contact
The service is available to all. Advice and information are available over the telephone.

What happens next
Once you have contacted them, they will usually offer you an appointment for an initial assessment. This will be to clarify the nature of the problem and decide together with you what type of support would be most appropriate.

Needle Exchange Outreach worker

The Needle Exchange Outreach Worker works with drug users to reduce needle sharing between intravenous drug users and the risk of discarded needles causing a danger to others.

A needle exchange service has been in operation for several years with fit packs containing clean syringes available at four pharmacies for £1.50. You must be at least 18 to purchase them.

Fit packs are also available to drug users over the age of eighteen from The Alcohol and Drug Service. People under the age of eighteen are supplied with fit packs at the discretion of the Service.

For further information

Drug and Alcohol Service

The Alcohol and Drug Service
Gloucester Lodge
Stopford Road
St Saviour.

Tel: +441534445000

Jersey Council on Alcoholism

Tel: +441534726672

Counselling offered

Can accommodate up to 12 people

Self-referral, referral by GP’s, the Shelter or by the Alcohol and Drug Service

Jersey Addiction Group

The Jersey Addiction Group runs a Government of Jersey Registered 12 bed residential centre at Silkworth Lodge for the treatment and rehabilitation.

The treatment programme has proven to be very successful in helping substance misusers to achieve and maintain abstinence, re-gain self-esteem and develop healthy, contented and fulfilling lifestyles.

A free assessment and consultation is available within 48 hours to people with addiction, concerned family members, colleagues or friends who seek advice about dealing with the problem.

Silkworth Lodge,
6 Vauxhall Street,
St Helier

Tel: +441534729060 (Office hours 9am to 5pm)

Residential provision for people with alcohol problems

Emergency Shelter

The Shelter Trust is a charity set up to provide temporary accommodation for homeless people in Jersey.

The Shelter has accommodation for 46 people in single rooms.

The rent charged is in line with the Income Support bedsit component.

The Shelter team will also accept drunk and incapable people brought by the police who will be placed overnight in the Drunk and Incapable Unit.

Residency is on an overnight basis and residents are expected to assist in the running of the Shelter. Advice and help will be given with respect to moving on. Alcohol consumption is not permitted on the premises.

Tel: +441534730235

St James Street Project

This hostel is run by The Shelter Trust and provides permanent accommodation for up to 14 adults in single rooms. Residence in the hostel is not contingent or dependent upon any expressed wish to change drinking habits. Alcohol consumption is not permitted on the premises.

Tel: +441534 726892