Electrician Complaints

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Jersey Electrical Contractors’ Association

Many electricians and electrical contractors belong to the Jersey Electrical Contractors’ Association (JECA). The secretary can be contacted on +44 1534 722888

The members appoint an Executive Committee to run the affairs of the Association.

Complaints about members of the Association

If you have a complaint about a job carried out by a member of the JECA, you should set out the nature of the complaint, attach copies of all paperwork and write to:

The Secretary, c/o JMEC Ltd,
Ingouville House,
Ingouville Lane,
St Helier,

E-mail: jelecassoc@yahoo.co.uk

The Executive Committee of the JECA will call a meeting and ask their member to attend. If your complaint is upheld, the member must do what the Executive Committee decides is reasonable to put matters right if they want to stay a member. The Executive Committee have powers to suspend or expel members but they can’t force a member to do what they have said as they have no rights in law to do that.

Certificate of Completion and Inspection

If you have had electrical work done on your property you should ask for a Certificate of Completion and Inspection when the work is finished. The original Certificate will have been sent to the electricity supplier (JEC) after testing of the System, as is required by the Building Bye Laws.

For information on your statutory rights when buying goods and services see Consumer Rights