Employment abroad

6.7.1.L1 Updated on:

The right to work in EU countries

Jersey-born people should check their passports before considering working abroad to make sure that they do not have the endorsement with the words ” The holder is not entitled to benefit from EU provisions relating to employment or establishment” on it.  If these words are in the passport it means that they do not have the right to work in EU countries other than the UK.

It is estimated that some 5000 persons may be affected by this provision.

If a parent or grandparent was born in the UK this endorsement ought not be in the passport and you should visit Customer and Local Services to get it altered, taking proof of your connection to a parent or grandparent.

If you wish to get work or set up a home of any kind in one of the Member countries of the European Union it is essential that you contact that country’s nearest Embassy or Consulate. If you don’t it may result in you not being covered by Social Security or being faced with unexpected bills for taxes etc, or being unable to live in property that you buy.

If there is no endorsement in your passport it is still sensible to contact the Consulate of the country you are moving to if you intend to work or make your home in another Member country. The Consulate can give you information that might be helpful.