End of employment – Unemployment

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Signing on

If you are out of work you should contact Customer and Local Services as soon as possible. An appointment will be made for you to see a Work Zone adviser. The adviser will explain your rights and entitlements under the Social Security Law.

You still need to pay Social Security contributions. You may qualify to have your Social Security contributions covered while you look for work. The adviser will tell you if you qualify and how the system works.

There is no Job Seeker’s Allowance in Jersey. If you have no work and need help to live you may be able to apply to Customer and Local Services for Income Support. There are rules about how long you have lived on the island before you qualify for Income Support.

You will find the Work Zone at Customer and Local Service:

Philip Le Feuvre House,
La Motte Street,
St Helier

Tel: +44 1534 444444
Email: customerservice@gov.je

Opening hours: 8.30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Staying registered

If you are unemployed, you will be expected to attend to the Work Zone weekly or monthly if Social Security contributions are being covered. If you do not go for over one month then you would be de-registered as unemployed because you have not attended.

Who can have contributions credited?

You must have lost your job involuntarily. If you left the job because you decided to or if you left because you were dismissed for a disciplinary reason, your contributions cannot be covered.

Contributions cannot be covered/ credited for people who were previously self-employed.

How long can unemployment contributions be credited for?

If you are entitled to unemployment credits, then they will be paid for 13 weeks if required as long as you attend the Work Zone monthly. After the 13 weeks, an unemployment review is carried out to discuss future credit entitlement.

Self-employed people

Self-employed people who have registered as unemployed can choose not to pay their own contributions. However, if they do this it could affect their future entitlement to benefits. They may be able to apply for a reduction in the amount of contributions due instead, based on their past earnings. Advice should be taken from Customer and Local Services.

Sickness during unemployment

If you are registered as unemployed and then become sick and therefore unfit for work, you can get a medical certificate from your doctor which you should send to Customer and Local Services. You may be entitled to a Short-term Incapacity Allowance.  You cannot remain registered as unemployed if you are unfit for work.