First Time Buyers

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Who is a first-time buyer?

A “first time buyer” is defined as a person who has entitled residential status and has never owned or had an interest in a property in Jersey or elsewhere.

Having first time buyer status allows a person to purchase and live in designated first time buyer accommodation, which is determined by planning conditions. If a person owns or has owned property before, there are circumstances where they may still be considered a first time buyer:

The owner of a Flying Freehold flat will be eligible if they are upsizing and the existing flat is sold to a first time buyer.

The owner of a Share Transfer flat will be eligible as they owned shares, not property.

The owners of property may be considered, if they can demonstrate there is a need for them to be deemed to be first time buyers, to enable them to purchase a larger property, i.e. if the family have outgrown their current accommodation in terms of the number of bedrooms.

Individual cases will be treated on their merit where land not being a home has been previously owned, e.g. such as by inheritance of agricultural land, joint inheritance with siblings of family property or other general minor land or property ownership.

Where property was owned by a spouse in a former marriage, the couple will be considered as first time buyers provided the spouse who has not owned property is entitled in their own right. If not, then the couple will not qualify as first time buyers. There may be some exceptions where no financial benefit has been gained, but these would have to be considered individually by the Minister.

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