Community Costs Bonus Scheme

9.12.29 Updated on:

What is the Community Costs Bonus Scheme?

The Community Costs Bonus is an annual payment to help households that are just above the Income Support level with the cost of GST on food.

The Scheme is run by Customer and Local Services and information about it can be found here.

Who can claim

A household can claim the Community Cost Bonus.  The word ‘household’ means the same as it does for someone who is applying for Income Support.

A household can be any of the following:

  • a person living alone
  • a couple (married or unmarried)
  • a family living together at the same address with children under school leaving age or still in full time education or job-seeking

When to apply for the Bonus

Applications can be made to Customer and Local Services in October each year. Only one Community Costs Bonus may be claimed per household in a year.

Further information is available from Customer and Local Services: 

Philip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier.

Telephone: +44 1534 444444

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm