Funding dental treatment in Jersey

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Adults who cannot afford private dentistry

Free dentistry is not available through the Government of Jersey for people who cannot afford private fees. However, there is the Pension Plus Scheme for people over pensionable age and people in receipt of Income Support may be eligible for a Special Payment.

Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary

Those who cannot access these schemes and cannot raise the money from other sources can be referred to the Jersey Dispensary and Infirmary. An application can be made by Citizens Advice Jersey on the client’s behalf after a financial assessment has been completed to demonstrate they cannot afford the full costs or repayments.

Jersey Dental Fitness Scheme

Dental treatment can be part funded by the Government of Jersey for 11 to 21 year olds providing the family income does not exceed £51,077 per annum excluding benefits. Please see here.

Those who are not eligible for any of the above are advised to agree costs and a repayment plan before starting treatment.