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What is My Voice?

My Voice Jersey provides in-patient and community mental health and capacity advocacy for the people of Jersey.

Who is it for?

This service provides specialist Independent Mental Health advocacy for:

  • Anyone under assessment or treatment for a psychiatric illness
  • Patients detained in hospital
  • Anyone being treated under the Mental Health Law
  • Anyone who has their freedom restricted under the Mental Health law
  • Elderly patients being assessed or treated by the Mental Health Teams

Do you feel that…

  • Your views and wishes are not being heard?
  • You need support at meetings?
  • You don’t always understand what is being said to you or what your options are?
  • It’s difficult to express yourself and get the support you need?
  • You need help in accessing and understanding information?
  • You are worried about telling others that you have a mental illness?

What to expect: Our advocate

  • Is independent and confidential
  • Listens and supports you in making informed decisions
  • Helps you understand your rights
  • Helps you get the information you need
  • Ensures your views and wishes are heard
  • Helps you give appropriate information to others

What is advocacy?

The role of Advocacy is:

  • Giving people a stronger voice
  • Taking action to help you secure your rights
  • Representing your interests
  • Working in partnership with you
  • Obtaining the services you need

Consent: We act on your instruction and with your informed consent:

  • Support you & help you to plan what you want to say at reviews with your psychiatrist
  • Help you find specialised legal advice
  • Help you appeal to the Mental Health Review Tribunal
  • Ensure your views are heard at meetings with other professionals such as Social Services etc.
  • Help you decide which services you need and support you in accessing these
  • Help you with writing letters
  • Help you with complaints
  • Help you discuss your situation with others and support you to resolve any difficulties
  • Help you challenge any discrimination you may be experiencing

The service is free, independent, and confidential. Our role is to help you and give you a voice, not to make decisions for you.

Contact us

Independent Mental Health Advocacy

Tel: +447797716447

IAJ work independently but alongside the team of professionals delivering your care. They visit the ward weekly. They only pass on information that you have given permission to share. All data is processed, retained and disposed of in line with the Data Protection Law.