Reciprocal Social Security Agreements

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Reciprocal Social Security Agreements

Reciprocal Social Security Agreements aim to reduce the gaps in benefit provision for people moving between countries.  They allow for benefits earned by and granted to a person in one country to be paid out to the person in another reciprocating country that the person has moved to.

eg. John has a Jersey pension. He has retired to Spain so he can get his Jersey pension paid to him in Spain.

A Reciprocal Social Security Agreement can also allow for contributions made in one country to be added to those paid in another country to increase the amount of benefit.

eg. John paid contributions for 10 years in the UK and then moved to Jersey where he paid contributions for another 10 years, giving him 20 years of pension contributions altogether.

Countries that have a reciprocal Social Security agreement with Jersey

Austria, Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, France, Guernsey, Ireland, United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man), Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

Even if there is an agreement it does not mean that all the social security benefits that a person might get in Jersey or in the other country will be payable.  People who are moving abroad should check with the Customer and Local Services and the authorities in the other country to make sure they understand the impact on their entitlements.

Social Security agreements and health agreements do not include pharmaceutical or medical benefits. Therefore people will have to pay the full cost of their GP appointments and medicine when moving to Jersey or from Jersey to another country.

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