Room 2 Talk Ltd

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Room 2 Talk Ltd – Counselling for Charities and Non-profit organisations

Room 2 Talk Ltd is a local non-profit organisation which provides counselling for adult staff, volunteers and members of Jersey charities and other non-profit organisations.

The aims of Room 2 Talk Ltd, as a non-profit organisation, are to

  • support the people who are supporting the wellbeing of the island/islanders of Jersey
  • normalise obtaining emotional support during difficult times
  • remove the stigma around mental and emotional wellbeing
  • reduce the likelihood of people reaching crisis point and needing to rely on services such as A&E and/or Orchid House.

Charities and other non-profit organisations in Jersey provide a benefit to the people and/or the island. By being a connected to them, even if in the smallest way, people are helping these organisations in this – whether is with regard to heritage, education, or physical, emotional or financial health.

If you are going through any difficult life issues which may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Bereavement and loss
  • Work related stress
  • Relationship issues

and may like support with this contact local Room 2 Talk Ltd by

  • calling Helen on 07797 750380
  • emailing Steve or Helen on
  • messaging Helen through Facebook via @R2TJsy

in confidence to discuss counselling services.

You may qualify for support even if you don’t think you do. For example, if you

  • are a member of a local charity such as
    • Durrell
    • The National Trust
    • Jersey Heritage, etc
  • have children of school age or work in a school and so may be a member of a Parent Teacher Association
  • are a
    • Member of a sports club/association
    • Youth club worker/volunteer/member