The Silver Line UK

8.24.7 Updated on:

How old do you have to be to ring The Silver Line?

Although they say it’s for older people, they don’t specify any particular age. If you think it’s for you, it’s for you.

What can I ring about?

Anything at all. They say “No question is too big, no problem is too small, no need to be alone”. They hope they will be able to refer you to exactly what you need. It could be a specialist advice line with information about benefits or grants, it could be an agency offering help with building repairs or gardening, it could be a charity with volunteers who can take you out or meet you in your own home. They don’t want to replicate the rich variety of projects and organisations that already exist in the community, but they know that they don’t always reach the older people who need them or would enjoy their activities so their job will be to sign-post and link our Silver Line callers to the appropriate organisations.

But aren’t you a befriending helpline?

Yes, that is a very important function of The Silver Line and they have therefore recruited volunteers to become Silver Line Friends. They will make free booked phone calls to anyone who rings The Silver Line wishing to make a new friend this way.

How do I contact The Silver Line?

If you need information, advice or friendship you should call 0800 470 80 90. This number is available 24 hrs and is open every day, including bank holidays.

If you would like to contact The Silver Line in order to donate money, you can do so with BT My Donate, PayPal, Justgiving or you can text a donation.