Social Security – Employer’s responsibilities and rights

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Employer’s responsibilities and rights

Employers are allowed by law to take a maximum amount of 6% from any of their employee’s wages to cover their employee’s social security contribution.

However, the deduction of further amounts by an employer, for example, to reimburse the employer for the employer’s contribution that they must make for their employee is illegal.


Customer and Local Services will investigate any complaint made to them. If a person makes a complaint they will need to give the Department evidence such as a wages slip, a contract of employment or some other papers or documents to help with the investigation.

However, the Department is allowed to go to an employer’s place of work and make an ‘on the spot check’ without having received a complaint first.  The Department could carry out an on the spot check if they get an anonymous ‘tip-off’ such as a phone call or a letter from someone saying they think there is a problem without a person making a complaint first.

For further details on what an employer needs to do to comply with Social Security legislation, please click here.

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