UK old age pensions for Jersey residents

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Calculating pension entitlement

  1. Where a client has worked in Jersey and in other reciprocal jurisdictions (including the UK), the pension will be a percentage of a full pension based on the number of years worked and the total contributions record.
  2. In the UK the normal minimum number of years for a pension entitlement is eleven out of a possible maximum forty-four, giving a 25% UK pension. Under the agreement with Jersey, if the total of contributions in the UK and Jersey exceeds eleven, then a UK pension will be paid.
  3. People close to retirement age, having paid contributions outside Jersey, should consult Customer and Local Services for details of likely entitlement.

Queries regarding UK pensions for Jersey residents

The Pension Service 11
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LW

Tel: +44 191 218 7777

National Insurance number and full name will be required.

UK pensions payable in Jersey

Jersey residents in receipt of a UK pension may receive payment by direct bank transfer.

UK/Jersey pensioners leaving Jersey

Anyone in receipt of a UK or Jersey pension who moves away from Jersey must notify Customer and Local Services and The International Pension Centre of their new address so that payment may continue.