Variety Club – Tent 52 (Children’s Welfare)

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What does the Variety Club do?

The Variety Club raises money for underprivileged children in Jersey. They provide coaches, food parcels, vouchers, clothing, medical equipment, medical, orthopaedic and nursery equipment.

How do they raise money?

Money is raised in many ways. The main event of the year is the Bikeathon. There are monthly lunches with raffles. The annual Gold Heart Day is held on February 14. They also receive help from Ladies of Variety, Young Variety and the Jersey Artistes Monday Club.

How to apply for help?

Tel: +441534856937


Vouchers are provided for families in need.

The food vouchers can be redeemed at Iceland only.

Vouchers for baby items are redeemed at Lloyds Pharmacy.