Paternity Testing For Parentage Assessment

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The Pathology Laboratory at the General Hospital does not carry out DNA or blood sampling for paternity or parentage testing.

When paternity is to be proved / disproved, a sample of blood is taken from the mother, the alleged father and the child.

In the majority of cases, paternity can be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the legal process by extended blood grouping.

If extended blood grouping cannot give a definite result, it will be necessary to use DNA testing, using mouth swabs, as ancillary evidence of parentage.

Costs of DNA Testing by a UK laboratory (July 2011)

  • Court Approved DNA Paternity Test – Child, mother and alleged father tested- £379
  • Immigration Test – Relationship tests for immigration purposes- £389

Note: VAT is included.

Cellmark is the leading UK based DNA testing laboratory. They use mouth swabs for DNA sampling.

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