Citizens Advice Money Advice Service

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Citizens Advice Jersey know that whether it’s one debt or many, whether it’s hundreds of pounds or thousands of pounds, if you can’t see how or when you can pay back, the stress can affect your work and your home life.

Because of this we have put together our Money Advice Service. It has come out of our experience of helping many clients over many years.

These are the questions most often asked.

What do I have to do?

Contact us and ask for an appointment with one of our Money Advisers. The first appointment will be up to an hour while we piece together your total financial picture.  You will be asked to complete an income and expenditure form and bring three months’ bank statements.

This allows us to put together an equitable repayment scheme for creditors. Where applicable, creditors will be asked to freeze interest to prevent the debt increasing further. Any debts which could result in homelessness or an offence will be dealt with as a priority.

Why will my creditors accept the offers?

  • Because they know that Citizens Advice Jersey is impartial and fair
  • Because they know that we consider the interests of all the creditors equally
  • Because they know that they are seeing your total financial circumstances, possibly for the first time, and know the information is reliable
  • Because they know your expenditure is realistic and your income maximised

Where’s the catch?

It is simple. But, it requires your total co-operation and commitment and means some hard budgeting, often for a long time.

Finally, remember that Citizens Advice Jersey is non-judgemental and not for profit.