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The Law The relevant law dealing with fireworks in Jersey is the Explosives (Jersey) Law 1970 Information There is a lot of important information about fireworks on the website links below including: How to get a licence to sell fireworks Organizing a fireworks event Firework safety Using Fireworks safely Fireworks (Licences to sell and import) […]

Music in public places

How do you get Permissions? Any individual or group wishing to perform music in public for charity should contact the Constable of the Parish for permission. Buskers Any individual or group wishing to perform music in public for gain should contact the Jersey Arts Centre which is authorized by the Bailiff to audition and recommend […]

Public Entertainment

What you need to know The Bailiff has a customary power to control public entertainment.  He is assisted in this task by a panel chaired by the Bailiff’s Chief Officer and includes members of the Police, Fire Service, Environmental Health and Health and Safety. All major public entertainment and venues are passed before the panel […]

Public Entertainment Permits

Organising an event If you want to organise and hold any public entertainment in Jersey you are likely to need a permit known as a Public Entertainment Permit. These permits are issued by the Bailiff and to get one you need to apply to the Bailiff’s Chambers. Venues that offer entertainment regularly throughout the year […]
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