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Social Security & Benefits

Welcome to the Social Security & Benefits section.

Christmas Bonus

What is the Christmas Bonus? A new, targeted Christmas Bonus was introduced in 2016. It is a benefit of £84.87 which will be paid each December. Who gets the Christmas Bonus? Christmas Bonus will be paid automatically to these groups of people: people aged 65 or over who, in November, are: members of the 65+ […]

Health Cards

What is a health card? Once you have lived in Jersey for 6 months or more and you have paid any Social Security contributions that are due, you will be entitled to a health card which allows you to visit a doctor at a subsidised rate and to get subsidised free prescriptions. The period of […]

Incapacity Benefits

Incapacity Benefit Incapacity benefit consists of three separate benefits: Short Term Incapacity Long Term Incapacity Incapacity Pension These benefits may be payable when a person is incapable of working full time due to illness or injury. Medical evidence is required to support each claim and certain contribution conditions must be satisfied for benefit to be […]

Income Support

What is income support? Income Support is an income-related benefit that provides financial support towards the cost of housing, living, medical needs and childcare. Carers also receive support. A Guide to Income Support can be viewed here.  Please note the income disregards are 26% rather the 25% stated. Income Support is available to individuals and […]

Insolvency Benefit

What is Insolvency Benefit? Insolvency Benefit was introduced on 1st December 2012. Its purpose is to provide employees with financial help if their employment ends because their employer has become insolvent. The employer must have become insolvent after 1st December 2012 for the rules to apply. Full details are available on ‘Government‘ website. The way […]

Long Term Care Benefit

What is Long Term Care Benefit? A Long-Term Care fund (LTC) was set up in July 2014 to provide benefit payments for adults who have long-term high-level care needs. The scheme was funded at first by the Government but since 1st January 2015, in addition to annual Government funding, money is raised to pay for […]

Social Security contribution credits and small income exception

Contribution Credits When made unemployed through redundancy from full-time employment, application for Social Security Contribution Credits must be made to the Work Zone at Customer and Local Services within four weeks. The unemployed person must then register each week. The credits will then be made for up to twenty-six weeks, provided that proof that they […]

Work Permits

Who needs a work permit? Anyone wishing to work in Jersey who does not already have immigration permission, such as being a British national or having EU Settlement Status, will need a work permit.  Your prospective employer must apply for a permit on your behalf. Visa requirements Depending on your circumstances, you may also need […]
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