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Welcome to the Tax section.


Making an appeal If you receive a notice from Customer and Local Services Taxes Office that you do not agree is correct, you can appeal against it. You can appeal against the following notices: Assessment of income tax Late payment surcharge Late filing fee ITIS effective rate notice All appeals must be in writing and must […]

Backdated Income Tax Assessments

Law on Backdated Income Tax Assessments This part of the law describes circumstances when the Comptroller of Income Tax can change the amount of tax that you were asked to pay when you first got your tax bill. Tax investigation An investigation into your affairs will be started only if the office thinks your tax […]

Benefits in Kind

What is a benefit in kind?​​​ Benefits in kind are anything you (or a member of your household) receive, which is not money, from your employer. They are also sometimes known as employee or employment benefits. Benefits in kind are normally provided either free or below the normal cost (e.g. free accommodation or discounted shares). […]

Child Care Tax Relief

What is Child Care Tax Relief? If certain conditions are satisfied, tax relief is available on the amount of money paid to a registered childminder a nursery school provided by the States or an accredited nanny For details about this tax relief and the conditions that apply see Child Care Tax Relief. The Jersey Child […]

Income Tax

Liability for UK Tax People coming to work permanently or for an extended period in Jersey must write to their Inland Revenue (Tax) office stating that they are taking up residence in Jersey and the date from which they will be non-resident for tax purposes. If they are employed in the UK PAYE will stop […]

Income Tax Instalment System

How is Income Tax collected? Income tax in Jersey is collected by Customer and Local Services using a system known as The Income Tax Instalment System (ITIS). The default rate for ITIS is 21%. More information about tax For a general guide about paying income tax see Paying Tax Earnings,  you can also find out […]
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