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Business & Finance Law

Welcome to the Business & Finance Law section.

Copyright / Patents in Jersey

What is copyright? Copyright protects the work you have made so that other people cannot generally copy, publish, play, show or broadcast or put it on the internet until you have given your consent. There are some exceptions to copyright that allow people to use your work in limited ways without your consent. You get […]

Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority

For more information or to make a complaint, please visit their website or contact them via the telephone number and e-mail address below: Please see: Contact Us | JCRA

Legal Tender and Coinage

Small change The following amounts of change are accepted as legal tender. Neither a trader nor a bank is obliged to accept more than the following number of coins – 1p and 2p coins up to the value of 20p 5p and 10p coins up to the value of £5 20p and 50p coins up […]

Liquor Licensing and Licensed Premises

Please see: Liquor licences (gov.je)  

Security Interests

What are security interests? Security interests over intangible movables.  These are assets that cannot be touched and have no physical substance.  The best examples of intangible movables are bank accounts, shares in a company or rights in a contract or agreement.   There are certain intangible movables that, under Jersey law, cannot be secured. Does not […]

Stopping Cheques

How do you stop a cheque? To stop a cheque, you should contact the bank straight away.  
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