Change of Name

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Statutory Declaration

In the UK the Statutory Declaration Act 1835 allows for a declared name change. The same sort of declaration can be used in Jersey. For some purposes a statutory declaration of name change is enough evidence but not for legal purposes. The declaration needs to be drawn up by a lawyer. It needs to be signed in your new name and witnessed by a lawyer or notary public.

You may need to produce your birth certificate.

Deed Poll

For some legal purposes, a name change must be in the form of a Deed Poll which is a statement on a specific form signed, witnessed, and passed by the Royal Court. The Deed Poll is then registered at the Judicial Greffe at a cost of £60. The staff at the Judicial Greffe can give you guidance and support on how to get a Deed Poll but they are not allowed to give legal advice on the effect a name change might have on wills, houses, land etc.

Please click here for an information pack and template Affidavits.

There are what is called Practice Directions concerning applications for registration of deeds poll, issued by the Royal Court Click here

Name change after marriage

Most organisations will accept a Marriage Certificate as proof of change of name after marriage.  If not, a Deed Poll may be necessary.

Many women choose not to take their husband’s name and there is no legal requirement to do so. Difficulties can sometimes when travelling if a parent’s surname does not match their child’s surname.  The requirements are different for each country so this should be checked before travelling.

If a mother marries her child’s birth father, the child can be re-registered with his surname. See Registration of births, deaths and marriages. If the mother marries a new husband and wishes him to adopt her children, see Adoption.

Parents of children under the age of 18 years can re-register the birth of their child, giving them a new surname. There is a fee of £50 to re-register a birth as well as the cost of the new birth certificate.

Birth certificates

Birth certificates cannot be changed except in the specific circumstances mentioned above.

Going back to your maiden name

Most organisations will accept a Decree Absolut as proof of change of name after divorce. If not, a Deed Poll may be necessary.

If you have gone back to your maiden name, you must include the following with your passport application:

  • your birth certificate, or decree absolute if it shows the link between your present name and your maiden name
  • a signed statement from you, saying that you have gone back to your maiden name and that you will use this name for all purposes