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Childcare and Early Years

Choosing the right childcare for you and your family is a very important decision.  There are many options available to suit different needs.

The Childcare and Early Years Service (‘CEYS’) is a Government service based at the Education Department.

CEYS register all Day Nurseries/Pre-schools/Childminders and School Aged Care.

Please see information about childcare providers for parents.


If you have a complaint or concern regarding children in premises registered under the terms of the Day Care of Children (Jersey) Law, 2002, you should contact CEYS.

Jersey Child Care Trust (‘JCCT’)

The JCCT is a charity that coordinates, promotes and facilitates the expansion of childcare provisions in Jersey by ‘Putting Families First.’

There is a lot of information about available childcare on their website:

Jersey Association of Child Carers

The JACC lists members who are registered childminders.  The childminder advertises their services by way of a personal profile so parents can find the most suitable and convenient childminder for the family.


Nannies are not registered under any Law.  Nannies are employed by the family and work from that family’s home.  When you have two or more children, the nanny may be a more affordable childcare choice.  The Jersey Child Care Trust recommends that you recruit a nanny who is either accredited or has the necessary qualifications to go on to apply for accreditation once in post.

For further information on employing a nanny visit


Childminders are self-employed and care for babies from birth to children up to the age of 12 in the childminder’s own home.

For information about registration please visit How to become a registered childcare provider (

Support for children with special educational needs

Please see Support for children with special educational needs (

The Jersey Child Care Trust also has a Special Needs Inclusion Project where they support children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in accessing mainstream private nurseries.

School Aged Care Clubs

These are available outside of school hours for school-aged children in a variety of settings.  They are registered by CEYS.

Help with Childcare Costs

Please see Help with childcare costs (