Family Mediation

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We provide a mediation service which aims to help separated or divorced couples and other family members make decisions regarding finances and childcare.

Family Mediation Jersey (FMJ) can help you make joint decisions to resolve and prevent further disputes. Mediators don’t tell you what to do but help you reach your own agreements. Freely negotiated decisions can help restore communication, understanding and trust between you. If you have children, you, as parents, are the best people to decide their future. With mediation you might not have to go through court.

Family mediation is voluntary and confidential. The process starts with an initial meeting or intake for each client which is free of charge. This is a discussion between you and mediators about the background and what you wish to achieve through mediation. Intakes usually last 45–60 minutes.

After both parties have had their intakes, if suitable for mediation, we move onto joint session(s). These usually last 60–90 minutes.

After each session, summaries are provided to clients as an aide-memoir and documentation relating to final agreements reached will be produced for clients as a basis to produce something legally binding through lawyers. As we are not legal experts, we always advise people to seek advice before a final agreement is reached.

Mediation sessions can take place in separate rooms if being together in one room is too difficult and we also offer the opportunity for children’s voices to be heard as part of the mediation process by arranging meetings separately with them. Find out more here.