Fines and other penalties

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Scale of fines

Fines given in the Courts in Jersey are stated in the Criminal Justice (Standard Scale of Fines) [Jersey] Law 1993, which says what levels of fines should be. Depending on how bad the offence is, that will have a maximum fine that can be given.

Level one offence £200 maximum
Level two offence £1,000 maximum
Level three offence £10,000 maximum

Many offences under criminal law or Road Traffic Law are tied to these levels, and so it is possible to know what the most a penalty is likely to be.

Parking fines

If you get a roadside parking offence which is brought to Court you will likely be fined a minimum of £70 up to a maximum of £100 depending on what part of the law you have broken.

Exclusion from licenced premises

The Magistrate has said that anyone who behaves badly in public and who uses or may use violence could be stopped or banned from going into licenced premises for up to two years as well as having to pay a fine. If a person who is banned does enter licenced premises it would be what is called in contempt of court and it is likely they would be sent to prison.

For an order banning someone from licenced premises to be given, it is not necessary for the offence to have taken place on licenced premises, nor does the alcohol need to have been drunk on licenced premises. All that is necessary is for the offence to have taken place after alcohol has been drunk.