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It can be beneficial to discuss death and what you might wish to happen at your funeral while you are alive.  It is a subject that most of us do not want to talk about but if people know the deceased person’s wishes in advance, it is much easier to arrange their funeral in the way the deceased person wanted.

Most people use a Funeral Director to manage the whole process of burial or cremation but you can do it yourself.  It can be a very difficult thing to do as there are a lot of procedures to follow.

Making your own arrangements

It is possible to make arrangements for your own funeral and pay in advance. Local funeral directors now offer pre-paid funeral services. Payment can be made by one full payment or by instalments.

Celebrant services

Celebrant services are non-religious and can include personal tributes, poems, prose and music.

There are people who can offer celebrant services and you should discuss with the celebrant what you would like to include in the service.

Eco Funerals

It is not impossible to arrange an Eco Funeral in Jersey.  However, cardboard coffins are not permitted at the Crematorium and there could be some difficulties about burial as some graveyards will not permit them. There is a ‘Natural Churchyard’ area available in St Clement’s Parish Cemetery.

For more information, you can discuss these choices with your funeral director.