Holding Letter

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You can copy and paste this letter if you need to get full details before you can complete your Financial Statement.

Your address

Creditor’s name
Creditor’s address

Dear Sir/Madam

Account number/reference…………………………

I have been to Citizens Advice Jersey for help with my financial problems, and they have suggested that I write to you and my other creditors.   My problems have arisen because (give as full an explanation as possible of how and why the arrears and debts occurred).

In order to help me make a full assessment of my financial situation, I would be grateful if you could confirm the following details of my outstanding account:-

The nature of the agreement, and the balance outstanding.
The terms of the repayment, and the amount of the arrears.
The rate of interest applying, if interest is still accruing.
The relevant account references.

I hope to be in touch with you in the near future, when I have heard from all creditors, with firm proposals for settlement.   In the meantime, I would be grateful if you would take no further action in this matter for the time being, and suspend interest charges on the account.

Yours faithfully,