Legal Aid

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How to apply

Legal Aid applications are available online by clicking here.

Contact details for the Legal Aid office:

Tel:+44 1534 613999

If the person applying for Legal Aid has been charged with a criminal offence, details of the charge should be included on the application and a copy of the charge sheet should be scanned and e-mailed.

If a child under 16 needs Legal Aid, a parent should apply on their behalf.

If the application for Legal Aid is successful, the Legal Aid office will contact the applicant to tell them the name of the law firm which will act for them.

Who is entitled

Please see the Legal Aid website. 


A lawyer who is appointed to act for someone is entitled to charge a reasonable fee in accordance with the Legal Aid guidelines. The guidelines include detailed rules about what can be charged. These rules take in to account the applicant’s household income and capital as well as any settlement or money that may be awarded by the court at the end of the case.

The lawyer must provide the applicant with a detailed engagement letter which should set out how their charges will be made and an estimate of their likely legal fees.


If someone with a Legal Aid certificate has a complaint about their lawyer or their lawyer’s fees, the problem should be discussed first with the law firm that has been appointed. If this does not resolve the problem, the complaint can be escalated to the Law Society.



What is Legal Aid?

The purpose of Legal Aid in Jersey is to provide assistance to individuals with a legal need who cannot afford the full costs of legal representation.