Offer Letter

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Sample Letter – Offer

You can copy and paste the example letter below and send it to your creditors once you have worked out what you can really afford to offer.

Your address
Creditor’s name
Creditor’s address
Dear Sir/ Madam

Account number/reference…………………………

Since making the above agreement with you, my circumstances have changed.   I cannot now afford the agreed monthly payment because   (explain here what the problems are, for example, if you have lost your job, separated from your partner or had an unexpected increase in expenses). I have asked Citizens Advice Jersey for assistance, and the following is based on their advice.

The enclosed Financial Statement shows my total income from all sources, and the total expenses of my household.   As you can see, I have only £     per month left over for my creditors. (Say here if you have no money left to offer to your creditors).

The offers I have made to my creditors have been worked out on a pro-rata basis and I have written to all my creditors asking them to accept reduced payments (or no payments).


A In view of my circumstances, would you please accept a reduced monthly payment of £ . This offer is being made on the basis that interest charges will be frozen, otherwise the scheme as shown on the attached budget would not be equitable.

B In view of my circumstances, would you please accept no payment, to be reviewed in 3 months. If interest is being added to my account I would be grateful if you could freeze this so that my debt to your company does not increase.

I am making every effort to increase my income.  If my circumstances improve I will contact immediately.

Thank you for your co-operation in this matter and I look forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully