Copies of a Will

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Immovable Estate

Copies of Wills of Immovable Estate dating back to 1851 and the index of Deeds of Sale are held at the Public Registry in Royal Court House, Royal Square by The Registrar of Deeds.

You can get copies of Wills of Immovable Estate by going to the Public Registry in the Royal Court building. You must give details of the property concerned, the surnames of the owners and any relevant dates. These should be given to The Registrar of Deeds to help in any search. You can search the computer records yourself but if any help is needed from a member of the Registry staff, then a charge per hour may be made.

Movable Estate

The Registrar of Probate at the Judicial Greffe, Royal Court House, Royal Square holds original Wills and some valid copies of Wills that have been proved abroad from 1986.  Any Wills before that year are held by Jersey Archive. The public are not allowed to search the records themselves but a request can be made to the Registrar of Probate for a copy of a Will if there is a good reason for needing the copy.  The Registrar will need to have the full name of the person who has died, including any maiden name, and the date of death or at least the year in order to carry out a search.  There is a search fee and also a charge for producing the copy Will.

If a Will covers Movable and Immovable Estate then the original Will will be held with the Registrar of Probate and a copy lodged with the Registrar of Deeds.

Oaths and Powers of Attorney are not public documents and generally speaking copies of them are not available.