Witnesses Expenses

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What happens if I don’t go to court if called as a witness?

If you have been told to appear as a witness, you must turn up at the Court as directed. If you don’t, it could result in you being arrested. You might be fined for wasting the Court’s time.

Can I claim expenses?

The daily allowance is £84. If you are a professional or expert witnesses, you may claim an allowance of up to £196 per day.  Sometimes you are also paid for food and drink.

Travel expenses are paid if you produce receipts, i.e. bus tickets, train tickets, airline tickets, and £84 may be paid to a witness who has to be away from home overnight and who needs to book accommodation.

Will anyone help me?

The Witness Support Service is organised by Victim Support Jersey. Volunteers have been trained to give support for witnesses for the prosecution or defence.

Tel: +44 1534 440496