Attestation Certificates

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Jersey and France have a health agreement that helps to cover emergency medical treatment if you’re admitted to a hospital when visiting France. To get this cover you’ll need an Attestation Certificate.

Attestation certificates, along with a valid passport, can be used in French hospitals to cover 80% of the cost of emergency in-patient treatment during a visit to France of less than three months. The certificate is free of charge and is valid for 12 months.

Islanders are eligible for an Attestation certificate if they are a Jersey resident and:

  • aged 16 years or over and have a Jersey, British or French passport or
  • aged 16 years or over and your partner or spouse has a Jersey, British or French passport or
  • under 16 years of age and your parent or guardian has a Jersey, British or French passport

Islanders with an Attestation certificate are still highly recommended to obtain personal travel insurance as the certificate only covers part of the cost of inpatient emergency treatment.  It does not cover 20% of emergency in-patient treatment or any costs of ambulance travel, outpatient treatment, GP costs, prescribed medicines, repatriation, accidental death, injury or disablement benefit.

It does not cover a wide range of other travel risks, such as trip cancellation; lost, stolen or damaged luggage, or travel delays for any reason.

For full information on Attestation Certificates and how to apply, see France and Jersey health agreement (Attestation Certificate) (