Caravans and campsites in Jersey

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An island resident wanting to import a caravan should apply to the Planning and Environment Department for permission to import. Once granted, the licence enables the owner to clear customs and register the caravan with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Department. A permit is then applied for from the planning office with details of where the caravan will be kept, which must be off the road.

The controlling authority is the Planning and Environment Minister

Jersey Camping and Caravanning Club

The Jersey Camping and Caravanning Club offers members two rallies in France per year together with a number of other social activities through the winter months. These include an annual dinner, a themed evening and a Christmas lunch.  See for full details.


Living on a campsite is not permitted. It is a condition of the registration of a campsite as a business that it shall be for the use of people visiting the island for the sole purpose of recreation. This would exclude people who have lost their accommodation as well as people who have newly arrived on the island.

Campsites in Jersey:

  • Beuvelande Camp Site
  • Rozel Camping Park
  • Daisy Cottage Campsite and Retreat
  • Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre
  • Hideaway Motorhome Stopover
  • Durrell Wildlife Camp at Jersey Zoo (glamping)

Jersey campsites are generally open during the main holiday season of mid-May through to September. Due to limited site space, it is always advisable to pre-book before you travel.

It is illegal to camp anywhere other than a recognised and approved campsite.

Most dogs will be accepted by prior arrangement. Please contact the relevant campsite.

Moveable living accommodation

Converted buses, caravans etc. may not be lived in on private land but, by law, their use cannot be prevented on public roads.


Visiting caravans and motorhomes can be driven on the roads subject to a permit and are restricted to one journey to and one from the campsite and the port. Caravans must remain on the designated site for the period of the permit.

Special dispensation has been given allowing motorhomes to circulate on the Island on a daily basis but must return to the designated campsite each night. Drivers should be aware that many of Jersey’s roads are narrow and may have limited access.

Cars used for towing caravans may be used in the normal way on the Island’s roads.

Duration of Stay

Maximum of one month per caravan.

Type of unit

Towed caravan including the towing vehicle or motorhome 2.3m. This includes any fitting on or attached to the vehicle but excludes mirrors and indicators.


Caravan 6.7m, excluding the means of attachment to the towing vehicle.  Motorhome 9.3m.

Length of combination

Caravan and towing vehicle 16.5m to include any projection at the front or rear of the vehicle.

Display of permit

The permit must be displayed in the window of the unit clearly showing the dates for which the permit is valid.


Full third party insurance must be in force for the full duration of the stay and documents proving the ownership must be carried.


Jersey campsites do not currently have drive over drains for blackwater sewage.


  • The visitor selects the campsite of their choice
  • The campsite proprietor takes full details of the booking on the approved form
  • The campsite owner or approved agent makes the reservation with the sea carrier
  • The confirmed booking detail is sent to Tourism
  • The campsite proprietor sends full details to the visitor with two copies of the permit, keeping one for their own records
  • One copy of the permit will be given to the carrier at the time of departure, one document is kept in full display in the window of the unit

There are regulations covering caravan entry and length of stay. Five campsites can accommodate caravans.  These are Rozel Camping Park, Beuvelande Campsite, Daisy Cottage Campsite, Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre, and Hideaway Motorhome Stopover.

Caravan owners who wish to visit the Island should make their arrangements directly with the campsite of their choice.