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Consumer Law

Welcome to the Consumer Law section.

Consumer Lending – Code of Practice

Please see: Consumer lending code of practice (gov.je)

Goods ordered/delayed

When goods are ordered and/or a deposit paid This is a contract and if the customer later changes their mind and does not wish to pay for the order they are not entitled to receive the deposit back. Clients could find that they are liable for the full cost of the goods, especially if it […]

Importing to Jersey inc. Cars and shopping.

Please see Paying GST for online shopping (gov.je) How do I register my vehicle in Jersey?   Please see Government of Jersey – Vehicle Registration.   Expectations of people buying off the internet Consumers who shop on the internet are no different from those who buy in a shop. The goods or services should work […]

Supply of Goods and Services

Supply of Goods and Services Please see: Supply of goods and services (statutory rights) (gov.je)    
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