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Welcome to the Wills section.

1. Wills and Succession – An Introduction

Introduction On being born in Jersey, the birth is registered by the parish registrar of the parish where born, within 21 days from date of birth. On death in Jersey, that death is registered by the parish registrar of the parish where death occurred, within 5 days from date of death (or such longer time […]

2. Wills and Succession – Making a Valid Will of Movables

What is a will? The term “Will” denotes the testamentary wishes of the Testator upon death and refers to the document in writing that records those wishes. The characteristics of a Will are: – It must be in writing. – It is a declaration of the Testator’s intention. However, the Testator remains free to dispose […]

3. Wills and Succession – Disposal of Movables

Introduction The purpose of this page is to set out the law and rules concerning the gifting of movable property: – movables bequeath under a valid Will – movables bequeath under intestacy. There is either no Will or the Will has failed for some reason. When we refer to “Spouse” below, this now includes a […]

4. Wills and Succession – Leaving Immovable Property

Introduction Immovable property means for the most part the land and building fixed to it. A definition is set out in Part 1. It is not movable property. Property acquired through share transfer is not immovable property. Up until 1851, you could not dispose of your immovable property by Will. On death, having immovable property, […]

5. Wills and Succession – Application for Grant of Probate

Introduction If the Testator leaves no valid Will on death then the administration and distribution of the estate is dealt with on Intestacy. See Part 6 for more detail. If the Testator leaves Immovable property, there is a separate procedure for immovable property to devolve on its ultimate beneficiary. See Part 4. If the Testator […]

6. Wills and Succession – Letter of Administration

Introduction When a person dies leaving a valid Will of movables, that Will usually identifies the person to be appointed executor to administer the Testator’s estate. An application is therefore made to the Registrar of Probate for the Will to be registered, and the named person to be appointed under a Grant of Probate. This […]

7. Wills and Succession – The Appointment and Role of the Executor

Introduction If no valid will of movable property has been prepared by the testator then the administration and distribution of the movable property is dealt with under Intestacy. This has its own separate procedure and this information is set out in Part 6. If the property is immovable property this needs no executor because from […]

Life Enjoyment of Property

Rights of person with life enjoyment, the Usufructier Individuals inheriting life-enjoyment of property may prefer to rent out the property and not live in it. The lease or agreement should carry a safeguard for the tenant to protect their interests when the property reverts to the residual legatees who inherits. Residual legatees are responsible for […]
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