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Immigration Law

Welcome to the Immigration Law section.

Bound over to leave the island

Binding-Over Order For minor offences, the Magistrate can delay a sentence for a set period of time.  As long as the defendant is not brought to the attention of the Court during this period, the matter is closed. This is called a Binding-Over Order. If the person is brought back to the Court during the […]

Control of Housing and Work Law

Residential Status and Work entitlement   Residential Status Definition Work Entitled Someone who has lived in Jersey for 10 years or more Can work anywhere and the Employer does not need a licence to employ you Licenced Someone who is an essential employee The Employer needs a licence to employ a licenced person Entitled to […]

Control of Housing and Work Law Housing Status

There are currently five residential statuses in Jersey: Permanent Entitled Entitled Licensed Entitled for Work Registered The most important thing that determines a person’s residential and employment status is how long they have lived in the Island. The longer a person lives in Jersey, the better their residential and employment status is likely to be. […]


What does domicile mean? The term ‘domicile’ broadly means the country where a person has, or intends to make, their permanent home and connects that person to the law of that specific country.  It can be difficult to understand the issue and it takes into account the country of birth, what the person intended, and […]
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