Community Alarms / Alarms for the Elderly

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Emergency call system to be used in the home for people who are vulnerable and on their own at any time, activated by a push button that automatically phones for help. The service was launched in specifically for elderly people who live alone in the community and for people with disabilities. There are about 500 alarms in operation in Jersey and on average three emergency calls are dealt with each week.


Community Alarm Coordinator
Overdale Hospital
Westmount Road
St. Helier

Tel: +44 1534 443074


If a client is in receipt of Income Support, there is no charge. Otherwise there is a small quarterly rental charge.

Application for an alarm

The method of applying for an alarm is initially through the person’s GP or Family Nursing & Home Care. The application is then passed to the Community Alarm Coordinator, who will then arrange for an alarm to be supplied and fitted and will explain the operation of the alarm to the person and where necessary, to any family and friends who are keyholders.

The Alarm

The alarm system consists of a base unit with an integral telephone built in, together with a pendant which the person wears round their neck and depresses a red button to request assistance. Wrist type pendants are also available.


The function of monitoring is undertaken by the Ambulance Service. Upon receipt of a call, the details of the caller will appear on the screen; this includes name, address, next of kin, keyholders etc. The controller is also able to speak to the person, even though they may be up to 30 feet away from their base unit. This is useful for example where a person falls in the bedroom, but the base unit may be located in the living room. An assessment of the situation is made by the controller, whereby they decide whether a keyholder or next door neighbour can pop in to help, or whether an ambulance crew is required.