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Welcome to the Elderly section.

Bringing an elderly person to live in Jersey

Housing Normal housing restrictions apply so if it is possible for the elderly person to live with family or friends this is helpful. If the family or friends live in Social Housing there could be a problem and it would be necessary to seek advice from the Social Housing provider before making plans. The Affordable […]

Carers – Respite Care

Elderly People Lavender Villa Residential Two respite rooms are available. Tel: +44 1534 888107 Email: Kathy@lv.je Website: lv.care/home/lavender-villa  Pinewood Residential Home The private nursing home offers short-term respite care as well as its normal residential facilities. For further information, please contact Eileen Crabb Tel:+44 1534 888302 Methodist Home Two short stay rooms. For more information, […]

Community Alarms / Alarms for the Elderly

Emergency call system to be used in the home for people who are vulnerable and on their own at any time, activated by a push button that automatically phones for help. The service was launched in specifically for elderly people who live alone in the community and for people with disabilities. There are about 500 […]
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