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Welcome to the Elderly section.

Bringing an elderly person to live in Jersey

Housing Normal housing restrictions apply so if it is possible for the elderly person to live with family or friends this is helpful. If the family or friends live in Social Housing, it would be necessary to seek advice from the Social Housing provider before making plans. The Affordable Housing Gateway Residential and Employment Statuses […]

Carers – Respite Care

Elderly People Please see Care Homes / Nursing Homes with Respite Care Jersey | 126 Reviews   People with Learning Disabilities Please see Respite Service | Les Amis You may also wish to contact the Learning Disabilities Service.

Community Alarms / Alarms for the Elderly

For information, please see Digital Health Team (gov.je) and Digital Telecare (gov.je)

Meal Delivery

Meals on Wheels Please see Members (jerseycharities.org)      
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