Dental Malpractice and Complaints

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Categories of Complaints

Complaints about dentists fall into two categories:

  • Complaints about malpractice or inappropriate treatment
  • Complaints about charges


If you are not happy with the treatment you have received from a Jersey dentist, you may make a complaint to:

  • the dentist concerned
  • the President of the Jersey Dental Association
  • The General Dental Council in the UK

The General Dental Council [GDC], 
37 Wimpole Street


Tell your Dentist you are not happy

You should speak to your dentist to make sure you have understood the treatment you have been given and any problems that may have happened. You may be able to agree on the fee charged.

Independent assessment

If the result of poor treatment is so bad that you are thinking of legal action, it is important for you to get an independent assessment of the treatment. You could get this from:

  • any other dentist
  • a recognised specialist on the Island. Details available from the President of the Jersey Dental Association

Legal action

Legal action can take a long time and may prove expensive. You should take the advice of your lawyer on whether to go ahead. The last thing you want is to pay more in legal fees than you get back, but if you were successful, you may be able to get compensation for unnecessary pain and suffering and your costs.


Each Dentist is free to charge what they like.


Complaints about the charge a dentist has made should be discussed first with the dentist, who may feel able to lower the charge or take payment in instalments. You should really have discussed charges for large-scale work before it is started.

Jersey Dental Association

If you are still unhappy with the charge made, and if treatment has been unsuccessful, you could contact the president of the Jersey Dental Association.

Central Dental Surgery
The Parade
St Helier

Tel: +441534 766383

Registration of Jersey dentists

All local dentists have to register with the General Dental Council and with the Royal Court.