Driving Licence Loss

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When a UK licence-holder is disqualified in Jersey

Where a seasonal worker or holiday-maker has their UK driving licence suspended or disqualified whilst in Jersey, this only applies to driving in Jersey, and they can take their licence back to the UK and continue driving as before.

Jersey licence-holder charged in UK or abroad

If you hold a Jersey licence and are charged with a traffic offence whilst off the island you may have to surrender your licence for endorsement or disqualification, if the case is proved.

This does not prevent you from driving in Jersey, but you must get the licence returned or get a replacement, (from the Parish/Town Hall).

Banned non-Jersey residents wanting to drive in Jersey

If a person coming to live in Jersey has been banned from driving in their own country, they can apply for a provisional driving licence in Jersey and take their driving test in the normal way. The applicant will have to declare on the application form in the appropriate space that they have had a licence refused (taken away) and give details as required, this should not prevent them from being given a provisional licence. They will not be able to drive in their own country / place in which they were banned on their Jersey licence.

Banned Jersey residents wishing to drive in the UK

If you are a Jersey resident who moves to the UK and you wish to drive, you can apply for a provisional licence and take the UK driving test as normal. If the forms ask you whether you have been banned elsewhere, you must complete this information. If you pass your test in the UK, you cannot drive in Jersey on your UK licence.


A driving ban only applies in the country or island in which the offence was committed. There is no reason why a person cannot drive elsewhere provided that they have a valid licence to drive there.

Don’t forget that in getting insurance, any driving bans will have to be declared.

You are never allowed to use a licence issued elsewhere to drive in a country or island in which you have been banned.