Driving Licences

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General information

For general information you can contact Driver and Vehicle Standards. Telephone 448600. They can give you information about driving licences, car registration etc. The legislation which applies is the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956 and the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) (Jersey) Order 2003.

Licencing Authority

  • Each Parish is able to issue licences and is headed by the Connetable. Provisional and full driving licences are issued by the Parish in which you normally live.
  • PSV vehicle licences are issued by  Driver and Vehicle Standards. DBS checks are carried out on all applicants.
  • Full Jersey driving licences last for ten years and cost £50. The minimum age for a driving licence is 16 years for category P [moped] and 17 years for B (car) or A1 (light motorcycle)

Local Licences

You must get a licence straight away if taking up permanent residence. You make your application to the parish hall in the parish you live in.

If you are not taking up permanent residence you can drive for up to one year from the date of your arrival.

Exchange of licence

A Jersey licence will be given without the need to take a driving test for the following countries. The licence handed in will be returned to the Issuing Authority, after being held by the parish for approximately three months, to make sure that the driver holds only ONE valid licence at any one time.

Alderney Finland Monaco
Australia France Netherlands
Austria Germany New Zealand
Barbados Gibraltar Norway
Belgium Guernsey Poland
British Columbia Hong Kong Portugal
British Virgin Islands Iceland Romania
Croatia Isle of Man Republic of Ireland
Cyprus Italy Singapore
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Switzerland
Denmark Latvia United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Falkland Islands Malta

For those holding a licence for any other country

Anyone who does not hold a licence issued by one of the above countries and who wish to get a Jersey Licence must first sit a theory and driving test for each category required.

Temporary licences for visitors wishing to hire but who have left their licence at home

Temporary licences are not available. If you have forgotten to bring your driving licence you cannot hire a car in Jersey.

Getting a licence after suspension

You need to check  whether or not a test is necessary – this will depend on the reasons for your suspension and can be established by ringing the Magistrates Court Greffier, telephone 440080.

If no test is required you can apply to the Magistrates Court Greffier for the return of your licence. You need to check if it needs to be renewed.

If a test is required you will need to get a provisional licence from the Parish Hall, book a test and follow through.

It is not possible to get a licence back before 12 months of a ban has expired. It is mandatory to retake a test if you are disqualified for a period of 12 months or more.

Revoking of licence

The Constable of a Parish, being the Parochial Issuing Authority, has the authority to revoke a driving licence on medical grounds. A medical report will be needed to prove fitness to drive before it can be returned.

Change of name and/ or address

You can notify the parish through their website or a form is available from the Parish Hall to provide the information. Forms can be downloaded from here.













Failure to notify the parish of a change of name/address within a reasonable time is an offence carrying a maximum fine of £500. No specific time scale is specified but according to the Town Hall it should be done ‘as soon as possible’. It should be borne in mind that the time given in law to notify Driver and Vehicle Standards Department of the change of name/address of a keeper of a vehicle is only seven days.

Replacing lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed licence

If you need a replacement driving licence you can do so online at My Parish Online or by completing both a licence application form and a lost licence form.  You can get both from town/parish halls. You should send the forms together with one passport photograph and £50 to the Parish Hall of the Parish in which you live and a replacement licence will be sent to your home address. The licence will expire on the same date as the original one would have done.

Renewing a Jersey driving licence

You can renew a Licence three months before your licence is due to expire.  A full licence costs £50 and is valid for ten years. A provisional licence costs £20 and is valid for 6 months.

Licences can be renewed online at My Parish Online or by post to the Parish Hall.  You must apply to the Parish where you are permanently living.

You will need to supply the following:

  • one recent passport photograph
  • £50 fee

If a current driving licence is lost or cannot be found, a replacement can be requested at an additional £50.

Only drivers over the age of 45 wishing to renew category C, C+E or D licences (goods and large passenger vehicles) need to complete a medical application form.

Driving test fees

The current cost of a driving test for a motor car is £49.00  and the cost of the theory test for category A or B (Motorcycle or Car) is £34.00, for categories C or D (Large Goods or Large Passenger) is £42.00. Theory tests can be booked online at www.gov.je or in person at Driver and Vehicle Standards, La Collette.

Driving records

You can request a copy of any information held about you by making a Subject Access Request.  You can make a request by using the online form on the Government website.