Environmental Protection

11.15.2 Updated on:

The Environmental Protection Department officers are based at Howard Davis Farm.

For more information see here.

The Department carries out the following functions:

Air quality monitoring and pollution

  • Air pollution and your health
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Indoor air pollution

Controlling problem species in the environment

  • Colorado beetle
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Plant health control
  • Processionary moth
  • Ragwort

Environmental grants

  • Countryside enhancement funding
  • Ecology Trust Fund
  • Gerard Le Claire Environmental Trust
  • Single Area Payment

Get involved with green initiatives

  • Conservation volunteering
  • Eco-Active biodiversity championship scheme
  • Report your wildlife sightings

Protecting land environments

  • Farming and the environment
  • Land contamination
  • Safeguarding species and habitats
  • Sites of special interest (SSIs)

Protecting our sea water and coast

  • Integrated coastal zone management strategy
  • Marine environment, fish and shellfish
  • Protected coastlines (Ramsar)
  • Sea water monitoring
  • Tips for preventing water pollution on your boat

Protecting water environments

  • Freshwater species monitoring
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Private water supplies, registration and licences
  • Reporting water pollution and applying for discharge permits
  • Sea water monitoring
  • Surface water monitoring

Respecting the environment

  • Countryside code
  • Dogs and horses on beaches
  • Proud of you (for picking up my poo) campaign