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Welcome to the Environment section.


For the law on the policing of beaches, please see Policing of Beaches (Jersey) Regulations 1959 (jerseylaw.je). For beach safety, please see Beach safety (gov.je)  

Environmental Protection and Conservation

For information, please see Environment (gov.je)

Parks and public areas

What is the Law? Please see Policing of Parks (Jersey) Regulations 2005 (jerseylaw.je) All parks and other public areas are policed by the States Police and relevant parish honorary police. Specific Parks and Gardens Please see Parks and gardens (gov.je)

Pest Control

Please see Pest control (gov.je) Growth, Housing and Environment do not offer a pest control service for domestic premises. There are several licensed pest controllers. Please see the online telephone directory here. Who pays in rental accommodation Advice on the reason for the pest problem should be obtained from a pest controller.  If the reason […]

Problems with trees and hedges

Overhanging trees Who owns trees must be established, as it is the duty of the owner to trim back branches which grow over the land of a neighbour. Jersey common law suggests the neighbour has no right to trim back branches which grow over their land. Trees may sometimes be a shared responsibility when they […]

Refuse Collection and Glass Disposal

Waste Collection and Recycling Please see Waste collection (gov.je) Dog faeces It is an offence for anyone in charge of a dog not to remove dog mess from any road, footpath, verge, car park or public place. Commercial waste Infrastructure, Housing and Environment provides separate facilities to receive commercial waste. Please visit Commercial recycling and […]
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