Refuse Collection and Glass Disposal

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Household refuse

Household Refuse collections are organised by the Parishes. Household refuse must be stored in suitable bins and must not be left in plastic sacks or boxes. Pests such as seagulls and rodents easily rip the plastic bags and any rubbish spread by animals will be the responsibility of the householder. Your bin collector may refuse to collect plastic sacks.

There are community bins in some situations. These are intended to be used by residents in the area.

The parishes of St. John, St. Mary, St. Lawrence, Trinity, St. Brelade and St Helier provide a household recycling collection.  Please contact your Parish Hall for more information.

Do not dispose of liquids such as cooking oil, paint etc, in your household refuse. These can leak onto the road and cause dangerous conditions for road users. For details on the correct disposal of liquids, please contact Infrastructure, Housing and Environment on 445509 or visit

Garden rubbish will not be collected and should be disposed of at La Collette  A Household Green Waste Reception and a Household Reuse and Recycling Centre are located at La Collette. Please visit for details.

Glass collection

To enable the recycling of glass the following are necessary :

  • All glassware should be empty and rinsed with lids or bottle tops off
  • Metals and sharps must not be mixed with the glass
  • No carrier bags or other household refuse should be mixed with the glass
  • Glass should be put out for collection in dustbins or similar containers with handles which can be emptied directly into the collection vehicle
  • Household light bulbs. fluorescent tubes, sodium lamps and UV lamps which contain environmental pollutants should not be disposed of with glassware, but should be delivered to the Household Reuse and Recycling Centre at La Collette. Window frames, rubber seals and metal fixings must be removed before windowpanes are disposed of
  • Ceramics such as toilet bowls, soil pipes, sinks and large quantities of tiles should not be included with glass. Small quantities of ceramic tiles and broken crockery may be included
  • No building material or rubble should be mixed with the glass

If householders include household waste with their glass, the load could be refused for disposal.

St Helier – Glass

There is currently a pilot glass collection service for householders in St Helier. Residents should use bottle banks.

Telephone St Helier’s Parish Hall on 811811 to find out the location of your nearest bottle bank or for information on the pilot glass collection scheme.

Dog faeces

It is an offence for anyone in charge of a dog not to remove dog mess from any road, footpath, verge, car park or public place.

Household Recycling

Please see full details here.

Commercial waste

Infrastructure, Housing and Environment provides separate facilities to receive commercial waste. Please visit for more information.