Pest Control

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Asian Hornets

Growth, Housing and Environment have a dedicated Asian Hornet Coordinator for reporting possible sightings to.

Tel: +44 1534 441633 and leave your name, number, Parish and a brief description of what you saw
E-mail: with a location and photograph

Honeybee Swarms

If you suspect a honeybee swarm, call one of the Jersey Beekeepers Association Swarm Coordinators. You should call the east or western number as appropriate, but if there is no answer, call the other:

West Jersey Swarm Coordinator – Alastair Christie: +44 7797 732009
East Jersey Swarm Coordinator – John de Carteret: +44 7797 715979

Please click here for further information.

Other Pest Control

Growth, Housing and Environment do not offer a pest control service for domestic premises. There are several licensed pest controllers.

Please see the online telephone directory here.

Who pays in rental accommodation

Advice on the reason for the pest problem should be obtained from a pest controller.  If the reason is through the fault of the occupant, they are liable for the cost.  If the reason is through no fault of their own, the landlord should pay for the cost.  If a landlord refuses to remedy a pest problem or pay for the cost when they are liable, advice should be sought from Environmental Health.