Pest Control

11.8.52.L4 Updated on:20 December 2021

Asian Hornets

Growth, Housing and Environment have a dedicated Asian Hornet Coordinator for reporting possible sightings to.

Tel: +44 1534 441633 and leave your name, number, Parish and a brief description of what you saw
E-mail: with a location and photograph

Honeybee Swarms

If you suspect a honeybee swarm, call one of the Jersey Beekeepers Association Swarm Coordinators. You should call the east or western number as appropriate, but if there is no answer, call the other:

West Jersey Swarm Coordinator – Alastair Christie: +44 7797 732009
East Jersey Swarm Coordinator – John de Carteret: +44 7797 715979

Please click here for further information.

Other Pest Control

Growth, Housing and Environment do not offer a pest control service for domestic premises. There are several licensed pest controllers.

Please see the online telephone directory here.