Motor Insurance Discs

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Motor Traffic (Third Party Insurance) (Jersey) Law 1948 – Insurance Disc

All Jersey registered vehicles must display an insurance disc.

Does the insurance disc prove that a driver is insured?

No, the disc does not prove that the driver of a vehicle is insured, only that the owner of the vehicle has taken out insurance cover for that vehicle. The policy will say who can drive the vehicle and a certificate of insurance is still needed.

Is it an offence if the owner of the vehicle has a current disc but is not displaying it?

Yes, it is an offence to drive a vehicle that does not have a valid insurance disc on show. It is not enough for it to be in the post or even somewhere else in the vehicle but not visible.

What happens if a vehicle is sold or taken off the road?

If a vehicle is sold or taken off the road, the insurance disc and certificate of Motor Insurance should be returned to the insurance company within seven days. 

What happens if a vehicle is driven without a current insurance disc being displayed?

If you use a motor vehicle or keep it on the road without displaying an insurance disc, you are guilty of an offence and will be required to attend a Parish Hall Enquiry. The Centenier may impose a fine of two-fifths of level 2 on the standard scale of fines.

Further information can be found here: Motor Traffic (third party insurance) (Jersey Law), 1948