Vehicle Registration

2.5.8.L1 Updated on:19 January 2022

Driver and Vehicle Standards Department

The Department conducts driving tests and carries out inspections of vehicles brought into the island and of suspected defective vehicles, usually at the request of the Police.

If you are having a problem with your vehicle you can’t take it to DVS to be tested.

If you think you have been sold a dangerous vehicle, you should contact the police for advice.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Department is at La Collette, St Helier, Jersey JE1 3UE.  Tel. 448600

They are open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.00pm

Vehicle Registrations Office

Registrations are carried out within Driver and Vehicle Standards Department, address as above.

Tel: +44 1534 448600

Transfer of ownership

If you are selling or transferring a vehicle, both the owner and the buyer must complete parts A and B of the vehicle registration document (VRD1). The ‘seller; must sign boxes 2 and 4 and the new owner must sign boxes 1 and 3.

The previous owner or ‘seller’ must deliver the completed part B of the document to Driver and Vehicle Standards, La Collette, St Helier – within 7 days.

The new owner must deliver the completed part A of the document to Driver and Vehicle Standards, La Collette, St Helier – within 7 days.

The registration document is the property of the Department for Infrastructure and it is against the law for anyone to refuse to return the document to Driver and Vehicle Standards.

Car ownership

The person named on the registration document is known as the registered owner of the vehicle. The person named on the registration document of a vehicle is not necessarily the legal owner of the vehicle, because of the registration document is not proof of ownership. For example, If a car is bought on hire purchase, the owner of the vehicle is the finance company until the final payment has been made, however, the car is usually registered in the name of the buyer.

Change of owner’s name or address

If you are changing  your name or address you must notify the Vehicle Registrations office within seven days of the change on form VRD 1. Failure to notify the Department is an offence and you may be fined.

Change of vehicle particulars

Any changes to a vehicle’s particulars should be notified to the registration office within seven days of the changes to the particulars. These might include a change of colour.

Notification of vehicle being permanently exported or scrapped

If your vehicle is to be scrapped or exported , you need to complete Document VRD 1 which must be received at the registrations office within seven days of the scrapping or export of the vehicle.

Importation of vehicle by person moving to Jersey

People taking up permanent residence in Jersey must register their vehicles with Jersey plates immediately. Temporary residents may use an imported car with UK, Guernsey or foreign plates for up to one year, they must carry their Vehicle Registration Document and proof of Insurance with them.

The DVS Department comes under the responsibility of the Minister for Infrastructure

DVS Fees and Charges

See for more information.

Searching the Register

If a vehicle is illegally parked on your private land it may be possible in exceptional circumstances to get details of the registered owner by writing to the DVS Department setting out the time and date of the offence and the registration number, make and model of the vehicle, the address of where the abandoned vehicle has been parked and detail the steps you have taken so far to locate the owner. You should send photographs of the vehicle too. You will need to provide a recent utility bill to prove that you are the owner/tenant of the land where the vehicle is parked.

If the information you are to be given is to be stored on a computer you must be registered under the Data Protection (Jersey) Law, 2018. There is a search fee per vehicle.