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Owning a Property

Welcome to the Owning a Property section.

First Time Buyers

Who is a first-time buyer? A “first time buyer” is defined as a person who has entitled residential status and has never owned or had an interest in a property in Jersey or elsewhere. Having first time buyer status allows a person to purchase and live in designated first time buyer accommodation, which is determined […]


Taking out a mortgage You should get independent advice from an expert or from your own bank when taking out a mortgage. Jersey Lending There are many types of mortgage and you need to take advice on which one is right for you. Much will depend on your financial circumstances and the kind of work […]

Moving Checklist

If you carefully plan and organise your move, it is likely to be less stressful. Use this moving checklist to guide you through six weeks leading up to your moving day. Six weeks before the move Confirm the date of your move If you’re renting, tell your landlord of your moving out date Check your […]

Planning and Building Services

Planning and Building Services Planning and Building Services enforce the laws about the development and use of land in the island and the creation of buildings. Builders and developers need to get Building Permission – this is a range of checks to make sure that the building bye-laws have been met. Planning Applications For more […]

Planning Applications

Permitted Domestic Development Permission is not normally required for works other than those listed here. This only applies to properties that are not listed on the Register of Buildings and Sites of Architectural, Archaeological and Historical Importance. See here for building bye-laws. Objections and Comments If you would like to submit comments on a recently […]

Private Sector Letting Agents

Agency fees Agencies are private companies and there are no limits on the fees they can charge to arrange new tenancies. If an agent is dealing with a tenancy re-assignment or renewal, they can only charge fees that are mentioned in the existing lease.  If the existing lease says they can charge a fee for […]

Restraint on assets

Restraint on assets enforcement procedures – following Judgement This can be awarded by both the Petty Debts Court and the Royal Court alongside restraint on wages and the order passed to the Viscount’s Department for enforcement. If you are a debtor and not in employment, the following could happen: The Viscount’s Officers will take an […]


Permission to erect Under the Highways (Jersey) Law 1956, a licence is needed before anything may be placed below, on or above any highway. This includes scaffolding. You need to apply to the Connétable of the Parish where the highway is.  You will need to complete an application form at least 7 days before the […]

Use of water – Customary Law

Water rising on a property Customary Law in Jersey allows owners of land unrestricted use of any water which rises on their land. They can use it as they think fit, even if such use exhausts it completely. If the water is not exhausted, it must be left to take its natural course, the landowner […]
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