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Debt Law

Welcome to the Debt Law section.

Bankruptcy – a guide to the law

Being declared ‘En désastre’ If you are a creditor and you have sued either a person or a company and been granted judgment for the money but cannot get payment from the debtor, then you can apply to the Court for the person or company to be declared en désastre if the amount of money […]

Debt Remission (Individuals) (Jersey) Law 2016

The full Debt Remission Order Guide can be downloaded here. Where an individual cannot apply for bankruptcy (for example, if there are not realisable assets), they might be able to apply for a Debt Remission Order (DRO) instead. Please note that not all debts can be referred for consideration of a DRO. A DRO is an […]

Enforcement of Judgements

Judgements ordering the payment of money to the plaintiff are made in the Petty Debts Court or the Royal Court depending on the amount involved. Who enforces the Court Order The Act of Court obtained following a Court judgement is available two days after the hearing. The Act is taken or posted to the Viscount’s […]

Fines and other penalties

Scale of fines Fines given in the Courts in Jersey are stated in the Criminal Justice (Standard Scale of Fines) [Jersey] Law 1993, which says what levels of fines should be. Depending on how bad the offence is, that will have a maximum fine that can be given. Level one offence £200 maximum Level two offence […]

Interest on debts

When? If you have won your claim for money owed to you or for damages in either the Petty Debts Court or the Royal Court, you can ask the Court for interest to be added to the amount owed to you. Who decides? The Court decides whether to award interest and if it does, the […]

Petty Debts Court

Union Street St Helier Jersey JE1 1BH Tel: +44 1534 440081 Email: pdc@courts.je To start a claim, you must first give the other party notice by sending them a Claims Letter.  If your claim is under £10,000, you must give seven days’ notice.  If your claim is between £10,000 and £30,000, you must give fourteen […]

Petty Debts Court Trials

Preparing for your case If your case has been sent to trial, you will first go to pleadings.  The Court may give instructions on what must happen. This is called Orders. The Plaintiff must submit a new Claim Summary on the matter(s) which remain in dispute.  The Defendant must submit their version of events for […]

Prisoners and debt

Prisoners Many people are in debt when they go to prison and for most prisoners, a debt problem will get worse whilst you are in prison. This fact sheet will help you to deal with your debts and help you get back control of your finances as much as possible. Examples of debts Even if […]

Setting aside a judgement at the Petty Debts Court

Setting aside a judgement at the Petty Debts Court If a judgement has been made against you in your absence (by default) at the Petty Debts Court for a debt that you do not accept liability for, it is possible to apply to have the judgement set aside or abandoned. This is done by Summons […]

Time limit / Gambling on debts

Time limit on debts Breach of Contract – 10 years from the date of the breach of contract. This includes claims against debtors; Enforcement of Court Judgements for Debt- 10 years from the date of judgement; Claims based on negligence – 3 years from the date when you suffered loss/damage; Claims to share an estate […]
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