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Welcome to the Rental/Leases section.

Access by landlords

Access to accommodation by landlords A landlord should give a tenant reasonable notice in writing of their need to access the property. This is usually at least 24 hours’ notice. Writing can includes text message and e-mail. Providing a tenant meets the terms of their lease, their landlord should allow them peaceful enjoyment of the […]

Commercial Leases

One of the things you have to carefully consider is who is responsible for looking after the property. Some leases are what is called full repairing, which means that repairs are the tenant’s responsibility. If you take on an old building, that might prove to be very costly and you should think about having the […]

Eviction Hearings

If you think you may be at risk of eviction, there are some steps you can take to be prepared.  This applies regardless of the reason for the eviction. What can make you at risk of eviction? There are many reasons, including your lease coming to an end and the landlord not intending to renew […]

Housing Advice Service

The Housing Advice Service provides advice on all housing matters and practical support in finding accommodation. Housing Advice Service Telephone: +441534 444444 Select option one and ask to be put through to the Housing Advice Service. E-mail: housingadvice@gov.je Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm Customer and Local Services PO Box 55 La Motte Street St […]

Housing repairs

Landlords and tenants responsibilities Landlords have a responsibility to maintain their properties so that they are wind and watertight and to keep in good repair the exterior and communal areas of the premises. Tenants are normally required to keep the interior of the premises and all fixtures and fittings clean and in good decorative repair […]

Housing Standards

Housing Standards A useful document listing all obligations of landlords of self-contained units is available here. Minimum Standards The Public Health and Safety (Rented Dwellings – Minimum Standards and Prescribed Hazards) (Jersey) came into force on 1st December 2018. It applies to all new tenancies created or existing tenancies renewed or varied on or after […]

Leases and Notice Periods

Landlords and Tenants A Landlord is the person who owns a property which they allow other people to live in or occupy usually upon payment of rent. A lessor is the person who is entering into a lease agreement with someone to let property. The landlord is often the lessor as well but sometimes a […]

Lodgers and Lodging Houses

Lodgers Lodgers are persons who rent accommodation with shared kitchen or bathroom facilities. They are not protected by the Residential Tenancy Law. Finding lodgings A list of lodging accommodation is available by clicking here. Deposits A deposit may be requested.  It does not need to be paid to the MyDeposits scheme. It is helpful and […]

Registered Lodging Houses List

List of Lodging Accommodation Current addresses and rents are available from the Population Office and Citizens Advice Jersey. Click here for a copy of the list of lodging accommodation.

Relationships and housing

The Housing Regulations Most purchases or leases of property in Jersey are subject to conditions set down in the Control Of Housing and Work (Residential and Employment Status) (Jersey) Regulations. The Regulations require the consent of the Housing Minister as to who may purchase, lease and occupy property subject to the person’s length of residence, […]

Rental Deposit and MyDeposits

Deposit protection scheme Registration with Mydeposits Jersey is a legal requirement for all new, renewed or varied tenancy agreements as from 2nd November 2015. Landlords must lodge deposits within 30 days or could be subject to a fine of up to £10,000. If you suspect your deposit has not been lodged, you can use the […]

Rental deposits not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme (MyDeposits Jersey)

If your deposit is held by MyDeposits, please see MyDeposits. What is a rental deposit? A rental deposit is an amount of money that acts as a security against the damage a tenant or lodger may do to the property, non-payment of rent and any bills that are left unpaid.  Make sure you get a […]


Permission to erect Under the Highways (Jersey) Law 1956, a licence is needed before anything may be placed below, on or above any highway. This includes scaffolding. You need to apply to the Connétable of the Parish where the highway is.  You will need to complete an application form at least 7 days before the […]

The Affordable Housing Gateway

What is Affordable housing? Affordable housing is accommodation provided at below open market rents to households who need support in accessing appropriate accommodation. Affordable accommodation is provided by housing providers such as Andium Homes and the Housing Trusts. The Affordable Housing Gateway has been developed to become the single route for people who want to […]

Tied accommodation

Employment and Housing If your accommodation is tied to your employment, your right to occupy the accommodation ends when your employment ends.  This type of accommodation is not covered by the Residential Tenancy Law, even if it is self-contained. Employers are requested to give a period of notice at least equal to the period of […]
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