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Welcome to the Rental/Leases section.

Access by landlords

Please see Tenant and landlord rights (gov.je)

Commercial Leases

Please contact Jersey Business who offer free advice on business matters.

Eviction Hearings

If you think you may be at risk of eviction, there are some steps you can take to be prepared.  This applies regardless of the reason for the eviction. What should I start doing to prepare? If you are looking for new accommodation and believe you may struggle to find something before you need to […]

Housing repairs

Landlords and tenants responsibilities As there may be specific requirements attached to a tenancy, any written lease should be referred to before the client is advised to take action. Notifying the landlord If a tenant is unhappy with the condition of their accommodation, they should draw the matter to the attention of the landlord or […]

Housing Standards

Please see Housing standards (gov.je)


Terms and conditions of a lease The terms and conditions of a lease explain the things a tenant and landlord must do or obey while the tenant occupies the premises. Type of Lease There are 3 types of leases in Jersey: A periodic tenancy is one that keeps running or continuing until notice is served, […]

Registered Lodging Houses List

List of Lodging Accommodation Current addresses and rents are available from the Population Office and Citizens Advice Jersey. Click here for a copy of the list of lodging accommodation.

Relationships and housing

Housing and co-habitation Private rental accommodation – Entitled Either partner or both partners should have Entitled Status to rent an Entitled private flat or house, but the tenancy must be in the name(s) of the Entitled partner(s). This may result in a sole tenancy. See also Ending relationships and housing. Private rental accommodation – Registered […]

Rental Deposit and MyDeposits

Deposit protection scheme Registration with Mydeposits Jersey is a legal requirement for all new, renewed or varied tenancy agreements as from 2nd November 2015. Landlords must lodge deposits within 30 days or could be subject to a fine If you suspect your deposit has not been lodged, you can use the deposit checker on their […]

Rental deposits not protected by the Deposit Protection Scheme (MyDeposits Jersey)

If your deposit is held by MyDeposits, please see MyDeposits. What should I get back? When you leave, the deposit that you paid to the private landlord or letting agent is returnable, although deductions may be made for any damage to the property, missing items, unpaid rent or bills.  Ensure that a condition report is […]

Rented dwellings licensing

For further information and the application process see: Rented dwellings licensing (gov.je)


Finding out the name of a scaffold company when there is a problem Scaffold companies should display their company name on the scaffolding. Warning lights It is the duty of the property holder to make sure that hazard lights are provided when necessary, not the contractor or scaffolder. Tour d’echelle This is the right in […]

Tied accommodation

Employment and Housing If your accommodation is tied to your employment, your right to occupy the accommodation ends when your employment ends.  This type of accommodation is not covered by the Residential Tenancy Law, even if it is self-contained. Employers are requested to give a period of notice at least equal to the period of […]
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